• Automotive Transmission

    TCRS Single Gun Torque Converter Welder

    The TCRS Single Gun Torque Converter Welder features a 74 series wire feeder, and a […]

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  • TCRS Dual Gun Torque Converter Welder

    At the core of the high-production torque converter system is the TCRS Auto Weld Aligners. […]

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  • TCRS Torque Converter Balancer

    The TCRS Torque Converter Balancer is capable of providing repeatable, as well as extremely accurate […]

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  • TCRS Piston Bonder

    The TCRS® piston bonder has a massive capacity to accommodate the increasingly larger pistons and […]

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  • TCRS Air Test Stand

    The TCRS Air Test Stand locates leaks in seconds. It pressurizes the converter with air […]

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  • Torque Converter Rebuild Systems

    TCRS Hub Run Out Tester

    A bad run out can ruin your torque converter rebuild while potentially ruining your reputation. […]

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  • TCRS End Play Gauge

    The End Play Gauge allows you to check converters before you re-install them in the […]

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  • SuperFlow Accessories

    Low Pressure Converter Bonder

    Adding this pressure converter reduces applied pressure to as little as 25 PSI, therefore improving bonding […]

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  • 6 Jaw Chuck

    Upgrade your Lathe Chuck from 3 to 6 independent jaws.

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  • Air Ram Assembly

    The air ram assembly holds the converter halves together while its cut open. As a […]

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  • Digital Read Out

    The DRO features all of the essential functions for milling, boring, turning, grinding, and general […]

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  • Face Plate

    The face plate assists in opening the converters due to its direct attachment to the spindle of the […]

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