TCRS Torque Converter Balancer

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The TCRS Torque Converter Balancer is capable of providing repeatable, as well as extremely accurate and efficient balancing. In just 45 seconds, the converter’s automatic weight indexing stops the converter where it needs alterations, but then shows the user precisely how much weight needs to be added or removed. Due to the optional runout compensation mode, optional hub polishing, and the TCRS’ unique bolt free mounting system, this torque converter can be both versatile, and efficient.

  • Provides extremely accurate, repeatable, and fast balancing in less than a minute
  • Weight indexing stops the torque converter where a correction is needed
  • Displays the correction weight in grams or ounces within 1/10 of a gram
  • Bolt-free mounting system for faster cycle times
  • Maximum spindle torque of 263 in-lbs (30N-m) and a max speed of 480 rpm
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Product Specifications

Dimensions 28″ D x 21″ W x 45″ H (71 x 53 x 114 cm)
Weight 300 lbs (136 kg)
Electrical 220/120 VAC 50/60 hz 8 amps max
Finish Powder Coated Blue
Tooling Collet locking system with interchangeable one-piece precision-ground splined shafts. Pilot Bushings and Delrin Hub Bushings. American tooling included