TCRS Hub Run Out Tester

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A bad run out can ruin your torque converter rebuild while potentially ruining your reputation. Therefore, check converters before they’re installed with the TCRS Run-out Tester.

  • Check converters before installation, saving you money as well as comeback time
  • Easy to operate because it is functional on any automotive unit

Product Specifications

Dimensions 36” D x 60” W x 58” H(91 x 152 x 147 cm)
Weight 1,100 lbs. (499 kg)
Electrical 110 v, 50/60 Hz required; welder power supply requires single or three phase, from 200 v to 575 V.
Air Requirements Standard shop air 100-120 psi (690-828 kPa)
Tooling Collets Precision Ground Steel
Drive Motor 950 lbs (431 kg) of torque with insulated coupler

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