TCRS Air Test Stand

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The TCRS Air Test Stand locates leaks in seconds. It pressurizes the converter with air while immersing it in water. This system is capable of finding minor imperfections including pinhole leaks as well as other potential problems. Becuase it is functional with all torque converter models on virtually any size hub, this system is a crucial component of your TCRS process.

  • Detects minor imperfections in the torque converter
  • Works on models ranging from the Allison 1000 to a Volkswagen/Audi converter
  • TCRS Air Test Stand extremely fast due to its Air-operated hand lever, regulators, and seals the TCRS Air Test Stand extremely fast
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Product Specifications

Dimensions 30″D x 28″W x 70″H (76 x 71 x 178 cm)
Weight 160 lbs (73kg)
Finish Powder Coated Blue
Air Requirements Standard shop air, 100-120 psi (690 – 828 kPa)