The SuperFlow SuperShifter Transmission Shift Console is an in-vehicular testing System. It operates in a […]

The SuperFlow SuperShifter Transmission Shift Console is an in-vehicular testing System. It operates in a similar manner to your vehicle’s computer, allowing you to shift through automatic transmissions easily and effortlessly. It comes in a robust, impact-resistant, and environmentally protected enclosure, so it safely houses all components. This complete in-vehicle testing solution can test twelve solenoids simultaneously. The SuperShifter has many user-selectable options so you can pick the right test for your needs.

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What is the SuperShifter?

The SuperShifter Transmission Shift Console is an industry leading handheld transmission test system, but it is so much more than that. With the SuperShifter, simple, or comprehensive in-vehicle transmission testing is as simple as the push of a button. With this Transmission Shift Console, you utilize context-sensitive keys that correspond with on-screen buttons. In addition, it has an LED PSW column that indicates which pressure switch is being activated, as well as an LED PRNDL column which indicates which PRNDL channel is selected. The TCC/SOL, EPC, and Shift-arrow buttons make manipulating your testing easy and effortless.

What can the SuperShifter Do?

With one button push, you can easily change the TCC solenoid, EPC solenoid, or shift the transmission, all while conducting the test sequence. Also, The SuperShifter also has the ability to enable the torque converter clutch, with one simple button. Additionally, the SuperShifter allows you to quickly take the Pressure Control Solenoid to its minimum or maximum setting. All these features are displayed in a simple, easy to use, user interface, so as to keep things simple. Finally, all of the internal components of the SuperShifter that allow this technology to be possible are housed in a robust, durable, environmentally protected, and impact-resistant enclosure.

  • Diagnose and test most late model transmissions
  • In-vehicle control of the transmission
  • Auto select transmission model from cable
  • 12 Solenoid Control
  • Includes built-in solenoid current and resitance tests
  • Transmission lookup tool to search by make and model
  • Displays PRNDL
  • Displays pressure switches (when available)
  • Modulated duty cycles
  • Displays TOT (when equipped)
  • Continuing software updates
  • Is available with transmission specification sheets and cable packages that provide comprehensive test information for most modern transmissions
LCD Graphics Dislay 128 x 64 pixels
treal Time clock with Battery backup
Interna/External batter voltage measurements
Dimensions 14- 3/4 x 6 – 3/8 x 1-5/8 ( 37.5 x 16 x 4.2 cm)
Weight 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
Power Requirments 12v Battery Hookup