SF-832 Chassis Dynamometer

Eddy Current Chassis Dyno

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The Superflow SF-832 Chassis Dynamometer is known as one of the most versatile chassis dynamometers in the industry. Using the Superflow Road Simulation Technology (RST) the Superflow SF-832 is able to accurately load vehicles according to their aerodynamic losses, rolling losses, and inertia. With a horsepower capacity of 2,500 hp and absorption capability of 2,200 hp, this chassis dynamometer is capable of testing a wide variety of products. The SF-832 pioneered the innovative center mounted eddy current design, allowing the footprint of this testing system to be very small. The size of the SF-832 allows you to save valuable shop space, all while maintaining the ability to perform both loaded and inertia tests.

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  • Comes standard with Superflow Road Simulation Technology (RST)
  • Center mounted eddy current design
  • Many available upgrade paths allowing for flexibility and peace of mind
  • 30″ knurled rolls provide superior traction and minimal tire deflation
  • Low profile frame
  • Traction benefits of a single roll dyno
  • Performance
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Product Specifications

Roll Diameter 30″ (76.2 cm)
Peak Power 2,500 HP (1,864 kW)
Peak Absorbed Power 1,100 (SEC) / 2,200 HP (DEC) – (820 kW / 1,641 kW)
Max Speed 225 mph ( 362 km/h)
Track Width 26″ inside – 100″ outside (66 cm – 254 cm)
Dimension 120  40.5  35 in. (305 x 103 x 89 cm)
Base System Inertia 1,200 lbs. (544 kg)
Axle Weight 8,000 lbs per axle (3,629 kg)
Air Requirments 50 – 100 psi (345-690 kPa)
Power Requirments 110V AC / 15A or 250 VAC / 8A and 208-250 VAC / 20A

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