SF-832 AWD Chassis Dynamometer

The SF-832-AWD is an entry level all-wheel drive dyno packed with features usually only found […]

The SF-832-AWD is an entry level all-wheel drive dyno packed with features usually only found on premium models. The 2,400 lbs. of inertia make it perfect for tuning imports in addition to other lightweight, high-powered all-wheel drive vehicles. SuperFlow’s innovative mechanical roll link perfectly syncs the front and rear roll speed so no damage is done to a vehicle’s driveline. The included eddy current power absorber provide unmatched load control for advanced tests.

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All-Wheel Drive Dyno Features:

  • Mechanical roller synchronization with linked capacity up to 180 MPH
  • Individual load cells measure torque at each axle
  • Coast down test to report engine power
  • Eddy current absorber for unmatched load capacity and duration across the entire operating range
  • Automated tests for simple operation and unequaled repeatability – tests include inertia only, controlled acceleration, steady state, step, track simulation, engine power and any user-defined drive cycle
  • 30 in. diameter, precision knurled rolls provide largest contact patch available and greatly reduce dangerous tire deflection and heat seen on smaller diameter rolls
  • Rugged, impact resistant handheld controller
  • Modular sensor box with expansion panel system to easily add sensors over the life of the dyno
  • OBDII interface for data logging off the vehicles OBDII port
  • Available for in-floor and above-floor installations
Roll Speed Synchronization Standard
Roll Diameter 30″ (76.2 cm)
Peak Power 2,500 HP (1,864 kW)
Peak Absorbed Power 850 HP (633.8 kW)
Max Speed 180 MPH (290 km/h)
Track Width 26″ Inside – 100″ Outside (66cm-254 cm)
Wheelbase 92″-130″ (234cm-330cm)
Axle Weight 8,000 lbs. per axle (3,629 kg)
Air Requirments 50-100 PSI (345-690 kPa)
Power Requirements 110V AC, 15 amp or 250V AC, 8 amp (computer and sensor box) 208-250V AC, 20 amp (dynamometer)
System Inertia 8,000 lbs. per axle (3,629 kg)
Dimensions 120X35X170 (out) – 133(in)in. (305X89X432-338cm)