SF-260 Flowbench

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The SF-260 digital flowbench is the evolution of the SF-110, it flows 260 cfm @ 10” of water. The SF-260 comes standard with our FlowCom™ digital airflow measurement system for accurate, repeatable and fast testing. FlowCom™ ensures accurate digital airflow measurement and control by automatically measuring test pressure and temperature; then presenting corrected flow data on the easy-to-read, precision display. This saves users considerable time when compared with standard manometer type benches that require users to make calculations to achieve corrected flow numbers. The included automatic motor controller maintains constant test pressure without the use of knobs and valves and it also helps extend motor life by reducing heat generated during operation. Reduced heat means that operators can run the SF-260 for longer durations than benches lacking the motor control feature.

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  • Flows 260 cfm @ 10″ of water
  • Comes standard with FlowCom Digital Airflow Measurement System which saves users time and energy compared with standard nanometer type benches which require calculations
  • Automatic motor controllers maintains pressures and extends motor life and is capable of longer duration testing than competitor counterparts
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Product Specifications

Calibration Test 10″ of water
Range 0-220 cfm
Capacity 200 cfm ± 10% @ 10” test pressure
Power 240 VAC, 12A, single phase
Weight 100 lbs (46 kg)
Dimensions 27 x 20 x 36 in. (69 x 51 x 91 cm)


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