SF-1020 Probench

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The SF-1020 measures and records air flow at OEM engineering accuracy, faster than any other flowbench on the market. It can test up to 240 hp (179 kW) per cylinder at test pressures up to 65” (165 cm) of water. The unique variable flow orifice adjusts flow range between 25 cfm and 1,000 cfm (12 – 472 l/s), based on FlowCom™ input, to fit the valve size or valve lift. The SF-1020 comes standard with our FlowCom™ digital airflow measurement system for accurate, repeatable and fast testing. FlowCom™ ensures accurate digital airflow measurement and control by automatically measuring test pressure and temperature; then presenting corrected flow data on the easy-to-read, precision display. This saves users considerable time when compared with standard manometer type benches that require users to make calculations to achieve corrected flow numbers.

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  • Tests up to 240 HP (179 kW) per cylinder at test pressures up to 65″ (165 cm) of water
  • Adjustable flow range between 25cfm and 1,000 cfm (12-472 l/s) to fit valve size or lift
  • Comes with Flowcom digital airflow measurement system which allows for longer duration testing and increased precision

Product Specifications

Calibration Test Pressure 25″ of water
Range 0-1, 100 cfm
Intake Capacity 1000 cfm ± 10% @ 25” test pressure
Exhaust Capacity 1000 cfm ± 10% @ 25” test pressure
Power 240 VAC, 75A, single phase
Weight 563 lbs (255 kg)
Dimensions 48 x 33 x 43 in. (122 x 84 x 110 cm)