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Axiline 84K Automotive Transmission Test Stand

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The Axiline 84000 Automotive Transmission Test Stand presents the perfect manual-shift dynamometer for light as well as heavy-duty truck transmissions.  The 84000 uses a 40 HP (90 Lb*Ft continuous, 180 lb*ft max, intermittent torque) input drive electric motor to test speeds up to 2700 RPM. The load unit is an eddy current absorber with variable control to simulate real-world road conditions while testing.

  • Tests Fuller, Meritor, Rockwell, Spicer, ZF, in addition to manual transmissions
  • Uses a 40 horsepower (90 lb/ft continuous, 180 lb/ft max, intermittent torque) input drive electric motor which results in test speeds up to 2700 RPM
  • Simulates real-world road conditions while testing
  • Easy shifting due to its remote-wired motor-interrupt switch which momentarily removes power from the transmission
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Product Specifications

Power Requirements 220/240 V or 460/480 V 3-phase 60Hz and 110/120 V single phase (380 V available)
Weight 3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg)
Dimensions 138 in. x 43 in. x 41 in. (351 cm x 109 cm x 104 cm)


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