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Axiline 66K Transmission Test Stand

The Axiline 66K Transmission test Stand is designed for most foreign and domestic front-wheel, rear-wheel, […]

The Axiline 66K Transmission test Stand is designed for most foreign and domestic front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive transmissions. It features a rotating headstock that can adapt to front wheel drive transverse, as well as longitudinal, transmissions. The rotating headstock also makes it easy to switch between different test configurations. With four available motor sizes (40HP, 60HP, 75HP, & 100HP), the 66K can provide the correct power for the job.

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  • Capable of handling most foreign or domestic front wheel, real-wheel, or all-wheel drive transmissions.
  • Rotating headstock can adapt to front-wheel drive transmissions and makes it easy to switch between different testing configurations
  • Auto-stall feature provides a quick and complete test
  • Accommodates longitudinal and transverse transmissions
  • Powered with an electric motor for clean, quiet operation and precise control.
  • Bi-rotational design allows for testing all types of inline T-Drive or transaxle transmissions


  • Precise control of input speed and output load
  • Individual control of up to 12 solenoids
  • Tests most modern late-model transmissions
  • Transmission lookup tool that searches by make and model
  • Built-in solenoid current & resistance tests
  • Real-time digital displays for:
    • PRNDL (when available)
    • RPM
    • pressure switches (when available)
    • TOT (when equipped)
    • gear ratio
    • clutch pressures
    • machine pressure
  • Continuously monitors all critical parameters
  • Modulated duty cycle and frequency range
  • Edits shift files for customized testing
  • Computer controlled
  • Learn and save mode to expedite solenoid testing
  • Auto Shift (time delay)
  • PWM programming screen with delay
  • Hot & cold solenoid pass/fail testing
  • Eddy current load unit control
  • Pump and machine on/off control
  • Motor direction control
  • PID setpoint control of input speed
  • Continuing software updates
  • Current measurement at 16-bit resolution
Power Requirements 220/240 V 3-phase, 50-60 Hz or 460/480 V, 50-60 Hz & 110/120V Single Phase (380 V available upon request)
Weight Input Drive: 2,700 lbs. (1225 kg) Inline PAU: 4,300 lbs. (1,950 kg) Transaxle PAU: 4,200 lbs. (1,905 kg)
Dimensions Inline: 154” x 48” (391 cm x 122 cm) Cross Slide: 195” x 70” (495 cm x 178 cm) T-Drive: 183” x 96” (465 cm x 244 cm)