Monthly Message – July 2017

Hi.  I’m Cheryl Wisman, Human resources Manager at Power Test.  I’m here to tell you how we Make It Better for our Customers, Our Community, and Each Other. As a growing company, we often look to hire people who share our passion for technical products and improving the lives of those around them.  Part of what makes Power Test successful is the culture that we’ve established over 40 years of business.  From the ownership level on down, we believe in the core values of:

  1. Do the right thing always
  2. Great isn’t good enough
  3. No Excuses
  4. Grow or Die
  5. Ski with your grandkids when you are 77

From our Volunteer Time Off policy to our health and fitness program to our commitment to ongoing education, Power Test is a workplace that believes in, and supports, our values.

A significant percent of our workforce has experience in the United States armed forces.  One of the recent recruiting initiatives we’ve emphasized in this past quarter has been networking with various veteran organizations including a military job fair here in Milwaukee and the Wisconsin military Chamber of Commerce.  Through these sources and others connected to the military we’ve been able to identify hardworking, dedicated, committed, personnel who fit within our team oriented culture.  So if you’re interested in joining our team, click on the link to our careers page and submit your resume.

That’s all for July. We hope you’re having a safe and enjoyable summer.

Monthly Message – June 2017

Hi, I’m Jim Spyers-Duran, Vice President of Operations here at Power Test. In this Monthly Message, I’m going to show you how Power Test as worked to Make It Better for our Customers, our Community and Each Other in the month of June.

For our community, Power Test hosted our Quarterly Blood Drive with the Blood Center of Wisconsin. 25 Power Test employees and community members made donations that will impact the lives of those in need in the state of Wisconsin. It’s an easy sacrifice that ultimately has a profound impact on the donations recipients.  The blood center of Wisconsin brings all the necessary equipment on-site and for 3-4 hours their staff collects donations from Power Test employees, family, friends, and community members who wish to donate.  Power Test has been hosting this blood drive 4 times a year since 2015 and has provided close to 300 donations during that time which aids nearly 1000 recipients.

For our employees, we held our first Summer Cookout on June 9th. Each month during the summer, one department at Power Test hosts a themed cookout and provides food and drink for all employees.  It’s a great way to relax during a busy workday, and spend some time with our coworkers over a good meal. In June, the FBA team hosted a ‘Healthy Cookout’ where they served nutritious (and tasty) options.

Power Test management also recognized the winners of the President’s Fitness Challenge.  This challenge, brought forth by Power Test President, Pat Koppa, divided employees into teams and pitted them against each other to see who would attend the Power Test provided, on-site workouts most consistently. In the end, the winners would be served a meal of their choice cooked by the leadership team themselves.  This year’s winners elected to eat Grilled Ribeye steaks and could not have enjoyed themselves more on this beautiful summer day.

Over the past few months, Power Test has been working to meet some LEAN operation goals throughout the company. In June we tackled some objectives in making Power Test a safer, more efficient workplace by establishing standards for hazardous materials and providing in-depth training for all affected employees. It’s a slow process, but one that will Make It Better.

Monthly Message – May 2017

Hi.  My name is Jason Kayzar and I’m the Vice President of Sales here at Power Test. Today I’m here to outline the ways in which Power Test has worked to ‘Make It Better’ for our Customers, our Community, and Each Other during the Month of May.

First, here at home.  Power Test has kept up its reputation as a company that is active in its community.  By offering Paid Charity Time Off so employees can use their skill-sets to help those who need it most. This past month, employees have taken it upon themselves to donate their money and time to local organizations such as Zachariah’s Acres, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, Rogers Memorial Hospital, and The Women’s Center. Over the years, we’ve seen these organizations grow to do great things, and Power Test is proud to contribute to their causes.

On the business side, Power Test is ready to hit the road in June with a number of shows and conferences around the world.  The first stop is ReMaTec 2017, the remanufacturing conference in Amsterdam.  Power Test’s, Mark Wellman, will be on-site with international reps from the region working with potential customers in the remanufacturing sector. After the show in Amsterdam, Mark will pack his bags and meet me in Beijing for the Duxes 7th China Remanufacturing Summit.  Once there, we’ll participate in a series of panels, lectures, and exhibits to expand Power Test’s presence in China and Asia as a whole.

The need for complex testing systems is particularly important in the ReManufacturing world, which is why it’s the focus of our two upcoming shows. In this industry, companies are often required to verify the quality of their work and the most effective way to accomplish that is to use a dynamometer or hydraulic test bench from Power Test. At ReMaTec and Duxes, we will meet with companies in the industry to identify their challenges, and work with them to improve the quality of their testing.

Other Power Test reps will also be on the road, visiting locations in Peru, South Korea, Canada, Panama, and the Bahamas. When our reps visit a site, they get a firsthand feel for what a testing system would ultimately need to accomplish.  This experience allows us to provide the exact customized dynamometer system to solve their challenges. We pride ourselves on our ability to Make Your Testing Easy anywhere in the world, and we have the international experience to back it up.

That’s all for this Month. If you’d like a visit from a Power Test Rep or have other feedback on how we can continue to Make It Better, reach out to us and we’d be happy to talk. Until then, we at Power Test wish you the best and hope your summer starts off well.

Monthly Message – April 2017

In April’s Monthly Message our President, Pat Koppa, gives you an inside look at our new Heavy Duty Portable Test Cell.

Monthly Message – March 2017

In March’s Monthly Message, Power Test President Pat Koppa talks about how Power Test worked to Make It Better for our Employees, our Customers, and our Community. This month’s message includes a charitable stair climb, high school educational sessions, LEAN activities, and employee technical training.

Monthly Message – Feb. 2017

The month of February saw a lot of activity at Power Test as we prepared for trade show season with visits to the TMC Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN and CONEXPO in Las Vegas. Trade shows are a great way for our representatives to not only showcase our great products, but to hear firsthand about the challenges and opportunities our customers are facing. This experience helps us better serve our mission to Make Your Testing Easy.


2017 got off to a fast start here at Power Test.  See how we ‘Make Your Testing Easy’ in January’s Monthly Message.