Monthly Message – June 2017

Hi, I’m Jim Spyers-Duran, Vice President of Operations here at Power Test. In this Monthly Message, I’m going to show you how Power Test as worked to Make It Better for our Customers, our Community and Each Other in the month of June.

For our community, Power Test hosted our Quarterly Blood Drive with the Blood Center of Wisconsin. 25 Power Test employees and community members made donations that will impact the lives of those in need in the state of Wisconsin. It’s an easy sacrifice that ultimately has a profound impact on the donations recipients.  The blood center of Wisconsin brings all the necessary equipment on-site and for 3-4 hours their staff collects donations from Power Test employees, family, friends, and community members who wish to donate.  Power Test has been hosting this blood drive 4 times a year since 2015 and has provided close to 300 donations during that time which aids nearly 1000 recipients.

For our employees, we held our first Summer Cookout on June 9th. Each month during the summer, one department at Power Test hosts a themed cookout and provides food and drink for all employees.  It’s a great way to relax during a busy workday, and spend some time with our coworkers over a good meal. In June, the FBA team hosted a ‘Healthy Cookout’ where they served nutritious (and tasty) options.

Power Test management also recognized the winners of the President’s Fitness Challenge.  This challenge, brought forth by Power Test President, Pat Koppa, divided employees into teams and pitted them against each other to see who would attend the Power Test provided, on-site workouts most consistently. In the end, the winners would be served a meal of their choice cooked by the leadership team themselves.  This year’s winners elected to eat Grilled Ribeye steaks and could not have enjoyed themselves more on this beautiful summer day.

Over the past few months, Power Test has been working to meet some LEAN operation goals throughout the company. In June we tackled some objectives in making Power Test a safer, more efficient workplace by establishing standards for hazardous materials and providing in-depth training for all affected employees. It’s a slow process, but one that will Make It Better.

Basics of Engine Test Cell Water Circuits (Webinar)

Learn from industry expert, Rick Ballo, about the practical and technical aspects of water cooling circuits. Throughout this interactive presentation, Rick will educate and consult about different variants of cooling system installations, weighing the pros and cons of each.

Power Test Ground Breaking

Ground Breaking with Wisconsin Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch

Four years ago, Power Test made a commitment to its future by breaking ground on new office space at its facilities.  On hand to help with the ground breaking and to say a few words was Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch.

See what she had to say about Power Test and its roll in helping growing export manufacturing in the state of Wisconsin.

Product Spotlight – H36 Water Brake Engine Dyno

H36 Water Brake Engine Dynamometer

Rick Ballo is one of Power Test’s international Sales Managers, and he is here to introduce you to our H36 series of water brake engine dynos.  In this brief video, Rick will show you the basic components of this piece of heavy duty test equipment and will give you an idea of H36’s applications.


The H36 is designed typically for high torque, low speed, diesel engines. Those could be used in the mining industry, marine industry and other naval applications. This dyno has the capability of running up to 7500 kW of power or 10,000 HP and torques exceed 28,000 N m. Typically this dyno’s sweet spot is operating at about 1,000 rpm. The advantage of our dyno over some other ones that you might see is that our dyno is bi-rotational. It makes no difference which direction it runs. Its perfect for applications where you’re testing engines, in ships for example, where you have clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation with two engines. You can apply the same dyno for both.


H36 Water Brake Diesel Engine DynamometerAt the top of the dyno is the water inlet section. The power rating of the dyno is dependent on how many sections you have.  Its relatively simple.  Each section is capable of about 1,000 HP, so the dyno referenced has a 10,000 HP rating.  Again, our dynos are bi-rotational.  In the lower front section is the load cell. This is used to measure the torque at a given distance from center line.  In the front, we have the companion flange which is used to connect to the driveshaft which is in turn connected to the engine being tested.

As you can see, this is a very large water brake dyno.  This is the largest of the series that we have available, and we go significantly from here.  The dyno sizing is designed and created specifically for your application.  We have many dynos, accessories, data acquisition software and testing expertise available, because at Power Test, we aim to make your testing easy.