• Engine Accessories

    Water Recirculation System

    A water recirculation system should be considered if there is a limited capacity or excessive cost of the local water system (city or private), or if the local sewer system […]

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  • Room Exhaust Systems

    Room Exhaust systems use an exhaust fan to pull cool make-up air into the room as they evacuate hot air and exhaust gases from the room.

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  • Fuel Measurement System

    Power Test’s Fuel Measurement System allows reliable collection of engine fuel consumption information for use with your dynamometer system.

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  • Cooling Tower

    The cooling tower is used in conjunction with a water recirculation system to remove heat generated by the unit under test and dynamometer.

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  • Chassis Accessories

    Above Ground Installation Kits

    Above ground installation kits are an ideal choice if you are leasing a building, may relocate in the future or simply do not want to construct a chassis dynamometer pit.

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