H36 Series – Water Brake Dyno

The Power Test H36-Series water brake engine dynamometers are high torque, low speed diesel engine dynamometers. Built with maximum productivity in mind, they can be found servicing mining, marine, construction, power generation, and marine propulsion industries around the world. Choose from six different water brake dyno models with application power ranges up to 10,000 HP (7,455 Kw) and torques exceeding 50,000 N m.  Typically this water brake dyno operates at around 1,000 with the added benefit of bi-rotational operation. As with all Power Test products, the H36 is backed by unsurpassed support from our sales and service team. Our engineering and testing experts travel the globe to work with you, anywhere and anytime because at Power Test, we make your testing easy.


Can’t find a model to fit your needs? Power Test Custom Engineered Solutions division, with decades of engineering expertise and experience, can design an innovative, specialized custom testing solution for you.


  • Used for high torque output of diesel engines in mining, power generation and marine applications.
  • Testing range up to 10,000 HP with 50,000 ft-lbs of torque at speeds up to 2,500 RPM.
  • Available in five different sizes.


  • Through-shaft design allows either end of the dynamometer to be driven or to accept tandem dynamometers plus a variety of accessories including starting systems.
  • Includes 315 series drive shaft companion flange
  • Provides bidirectional equal absorption capabilities.H36 Engine Dynamometers (Water Brake Dyno)

H36 Water Brake Dyno Specifications

Model Power Torque Speed
H3602 1,600 HP
(1200 kW)
9,300 ft-lbs
(12500 Nm)
2,500 RPM
H3604 3,200 HP
(2350 kW)
18,500 ft-lbs
(25000 Nm)
2,500 RPM
H3606 4,800 HP
(3580 kW)
28,000 ft-lbs
(37900 Nm)
2,500 RPM
H3608 6,400 HP
(4774 kW)
37,000 ft-lbs
(50000 Nm)
2,500 RPM
H3610 8,000 HP
(5968 kW)
47,000 ft-lbs
(63000 Nm)
2,500 RPM
H3610M 10,000 HP
(7455 kW)
50,000 ft-lbs
(67790 Nm)
2,500 RPM