GenSet Testing – PowerNet GS

Whether its used as the main power source, or as a backup in the event of critical failure maintaining a functional generator load bank is one of the foremost preventative measures a facility must undertake. From mining to health care, construction sites to data centers, a stable source of electricity is mission critical. Your customers must have the confidence that their generator is capable of operating at its rated output at all times. If their GenSet isn’t running at peak efficiency, the results can be costly and potentially disastrous. PowerNet GenSet (GS) gives you the ability to validate your GenSets and give your customers the peace of mind they seek.

PowerNet GenSet (GS)

PowerNet GS, Power Test’s state of the art GenSet testing system, is final component to your genset testing facility. In addition to our standard load bank offering, we provide you with an easy to use, comprehensive platform to manage and monitor your power system. Capable of incrementally testing generators in 5 kW steps, GS is the perfect analytical tool for power outputs ranging from 500-2000 kW.  By utilizing voltage, current, power factor and frequency information in an easy to read report, this system can ensure functionality and give your customer peace of mind that their facility is being powered effectively. Contact your Power Test Sales representative for case by case consulting on your GenSet needs.  Our team of dedicated experts will provide you with the information, software, and product to make your testing easy.

GenSet Testing Benefits:Load Bank

  • Tests and verifies the capabilities of your GenSet across entire range of functionality (Not just routine start up)
  • Incrementally tests power outputs (5 kW) allowing for specific analysis of system
  • Incorporates voltage, current, power factor, and frequency information
  • Identifies small intermittent problems preventing total eventual failure
  • Ensures your customer’s peace of mind
  • Enables you to offer warranty with confidence

Supports Power Outputs for:

  • 500 kW
  • 1,000 kW
  • 1,500 kW
  • 2,000 kW