Containerized Transmission Dynamometer System

Based on Power Test’s popular FCT Engine Dynamometer system, the Fully Contained Transportable Trans Dyno (FCT-TD) Transmission Test system comes ready for you to use in its own shipping container that doubles as your testing facility. This allows you to benefit from the testing capabilities of AIDCO transmission testing equipment whether your in a remote location, or you simply want to avoid the costs associated with a permanent testing facility.

The FCT-TD features everything you need for complete transmission and valve body testing. Your entire system and all of your components arrive pre-assembled, making reliable, repeatable testing available to you in less than one hour. At the end of the day, when your testing is completed, you simply shut down your system and lock the doors for secure storage of your test stands, transmission, and equipment.

For quick relocation, disconnect the non-spill hydraulic hoses and power extension cable and your system is ready to go anywhere.

With more available room than expected, the FCT-TD Test System has been designed to make efficient use of the space provided. Your last minute adjustments and repairs are easily accomplished with the transmission in position. Additionally, the FCT-TD is designed for flexibility. Available with a wide assortment of optional equipment, your FCT-TD is configurable to meet your testing needs. You can easily upgraded all components, allowing maximum performance and compatibility.

FCTran-detailheaderTransmission Tester Container Components

  • AIDCO 450E Transmission Test Stand
  • PowerNet TD Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Transmission Cart and Hoist/Pulley System
  • AIDCO ESC Electronic and Manual Shift Controls
  • Positive Filtered Ventilation System
  • Climate-Controlled, Acoustically Insulated Control Booth

Valve Body Tester Container Components

  • AIDCO 265 Valve Body Test Stand
  • Caterpillar C7 225HP Diesel Power Unit
  • Climate-Controlled, Acoustically Insulated Control Booth
  • Hydrostatic Reservoir and Cooling System