Diverse Needs. Mission Critical Requirements. Military Dynamometers

chassis-militaryFrom Humvees to tanks, personnel carriers to trucks, the range of military equipment is large. The consequences of equipment failure can be catastrophic. The need for custom solutions is frequent. Power Test has a wide range of products that can meet the military’s unique needs. Long lasting engine dynos. Custom designed multi-axle chassis dynos. Transmission testing systems for straight and cross drive transmissions. Hydraulic test stands with a multitude of uses.

Power Test has a longstanding relationship with military installations around the world., providing testing solutions for a wide range of equipment.  Engine and equipment testing has a particular importance to military applications, as equipment failures in the field are significantly more problematic than in civilian life. Power Test ensures that the equipment servicemen rely on is in peak working condition before every use, and hold our equipment to a standard unmatched around the world.

  • Many NMWR pre-programmed test available