We Make It Better – July 2016

We Make It Better

At Power Test, We Make It Better.  It’s more than just a motto, it’s our purpose.  It’s the way we tackle every single day and for over 40 years, it has served us well.  We hope that our industry leading dynamometers, data acquisition software, and service department has demonstrated how they make it better every single day.  But we want to show you how we make it better here at home, for our employees and for our community.

For Our Employees

Summer Cookout

Summer CookoutDuring the summer, Power Test likes to thank its employees by hosting monthly cookouts on the Break Pad, our beautiful new patio on the west side of our offices.  Each month, a different department takes responsibility to plan, purchase, and cook a meal for each of the 80 Power Test employees.  It gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy some food, music, and conversation with different coworkers who don’t often get the chance to socialize with one another.

Daily Workouts

Across the board, employees at Power Test are committed to maintaining healthy lifestyles. One of the most obvious ways this is demonstrated is through our daily personal training sessions held after the work day.  During July, 33 employees participated in over 200 workouts to actively lead healthier lives.

Power Fest 2016

Power Test celebration2016 represents Power Test’s 40th anniversary, and we took the opportunity to celebrate! On July 8th, we hosted Power Fest to bring together customers, employees, friends and family to show off 4 decades of Making It Better. The day was a fantastic success. The morning agenda was filled with industry seminars, dynamometer demonstrations, and tours of the office and shop.  While the afternoon transitioned to a delicious cookout, car show, golf outing, motorcycle ride, and games on the Break Pad.  In the evening a number of employees and customers took in the Brewer game and closed the night with a walk-off win and fireworks.

Overall, it was a wonderful representation of what Power Test has accomplished over the years and sets a benchmark for the future.

For Our Community

Volunteer Service and Charity Time Off

Volunteer Power TestPower Test employees lead active lives in the community all the time, but Power Test makes it easy to contribute even during the work day.  Through our Charity Time Off, Power Test employees are given a paid day “off” to volunteer in their community.  This program was created with the intention of enriching lives, fostering collaboration, team building and cultivating Power Test’s positive purpose of Making It Better.

This month employees took time to volunteer with Sussex Outreach Services, Zachariah’s Acres, The Hunger Task Force, and a number of other personal causes in the community.



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