• Water Brake

    H36 Series – Water Brake Dyno

    The Power Test H36-Series water brake engine dynamometers are high torque, low speed diesel engine dynamometers. Built with maximum productivity in mind, they can be found servicing mining, marine, construction, power […]

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  • 35X Series – Water Brake Engine Dynamometer

    Our 35X-Series engine dynamometers are designed for testing the majority of on and off-highway diesel engines and large electric motors. This series offers test capacities from 50-2100 HP, and operating […]

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  • 45X Series – Water Brake Engine Dynamometer

    The 45X-Series – Water Brake Engine dynamometer is designed for testing on-highway, construction, mining, power generation, and marine diesel applications. It has test capacities from 100-4500 HP, with operating speeds […]

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  • 50X Series – Water Brake Engine Dynamometer

    The 50X-Series water brake engine dynamometer is designed for testing electric motors, industrial gasoline, and light to medium-range diesel applications. Power ranges from 20-1000HP, and speeds to 6000 RPM. Its […]

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  • PTX Complete Engine Dyno System

    The PTX systems contain everything required to perform reliable engine certification testing for on-highway, military and construction applications. At the heart of each system is a Power Test X-Series water brake […]

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  • PT3600 – Water Brake Engine Dynamometer

    The PT3600 is specifically designed for testing small to medium size diesel engines. It can be lifted and moved for attachment to engines in many locations. The body is made […]

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  • Portable Z – Water Brake Engine Dynamometer

    The robust, cast-iron bodied portable Z-Series feature a stainless steel shaft and use positive water seals, eliminating typical maintenance issues associated with traditional packings. Z-Series portable dynamometers accommodate SAE #1 […]

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  • Eddy Current

    EC Series – Eddy Current Engine Dynamometer

    Specifically designed for small displacement diesel engines, the Eddy Current (EC-Series) engine dynamometer features in-line eddy current absorption units in a robust, compact frame. The air-cooled eddy current absorbers eliminate […]

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  • AC Series

    AC Series Dynamometer

    The Power Test AC Series Dynamometer is designed and manufactured using a powerful yet simple design solution; unlike typical Water Brake or Eddy Current Dynos; they have the ability to […]

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  • Customized Engine Dynamometers

    Customized Engine Dynamometers

    You know what your test equipment needs to do. Let the Power Test Custom Engineered Solutions team help you get there. First, we seek to understand your specialized engine dynamometer testing […]

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